Rules & Regulations

  • Be punctual. Late coming may delay issuing of course certificates at the end of the course.
  • Attend all days of the course. Lack of attendance will lead to withholding of certificate, till such time as absent-days are completed in the next course.
  • Wear shoes. Sandals, Flip-flops, Floaters and slippers are not for Mariners such as us.
  • Wear collared shirts / t-shirts. Collarless attire is suitable for jogging or the gym.
  • Candidates attending practical courses such as PSCRB, PST, AFF, Basic FPFF, or their Refreshers, please bring a towel and a change of innerwear to replace your wet clothes.
  • Submit a photocopy of a medical fitness certificate that is current/valid and issued by a D.G Approved Medical Examiner.
  • Carry a valid Photographic i.d on your person at all times, for the refresher courses. Photo i.d may be ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: Passport, CDC, Driving License, Voter I.D, Aadhaar Card or Pan Card (new version with photo).
  • Candidates are requested to take care of their personal belongings at all times. The Academy prides itself for being a safe and secure environment, but responsibility for any personal items belongs with the students at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a student cannot attend the course with Belize certificates.
The student needs to pay 10% for the Theory and 20% for the Practical session. The course fees (per day x 10%).
Most of the Administrations accept the certificates including Singapore which could be cross verified with MPA (Maritime Port Authority) Singapore and if it is for UK then MCA.
They should have at least appeared for their 10th STD exam and should be able to read and write ENGLISH language and should be holding a passport.
This course is open to experienced seafarers who have not necessarily served on board an oil tanker as part of the regular complement but who have completed an appropriate approved firefighting course and an approved course on first aid.
Successful completion of this course should enable candidates to serve on Oil/Chemical/Gas Tankers in a capacity other than Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer or 2nd Engineer, and to perform specific duties and responsibilities related to those duties in connection with cargo and cargo equipment provided that they are not immediately responsible for the loading, discharging, care in transit or handling of cargo.
Fire Prevention and Basic Fire Fighting (FPFF) course must have been completed. Key personnel who may have to control Fire Fighting operations, sea time of at least 6 months and should hold Medical fitness certificate in ILO format.
Elementary First Aid (EFA) course must have been completed and must have 6 months sea service with approved Pre-sea Training.
Prior experience as Officers, Cadets and Ratings having 12 months sea service (or) 6 months sea service with approved Pre-sea Training. (Proof of sea service required) or he/she should have completed the Personal Survival Techniques (PST) with the Medical fitness certificate in ILO format is needed.
Certificate of Competency issued under Reg. II/1 or II/1 (NCV) of the STCW 95 and should also hold Radar Observation Simulator Course Certificate and ARPA Course Certificate.
Marine radar with automatic radar plotting aid (ARPA) capability can create tracks using radar contacts. The system can calculate the tracked object's course, speed and closest point of approach (CPA), thereby knowing if there is a danger of collision with the other ship or landmass.
All Officers holding Radar Observer Course (ROC) are eligible for ARPA.
No, it has to be done in continuity first ROC and then ARPA and in continues dates.
If a student don't have watch keeping certificate for revalidation course, than he has to get it from the company, he worked for Company letter mentioning his experience on watch keeping.
Revalidation course can be done before or after the expiry of the COC (maximum time after expiry is 6 months).

News & Events

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